Build a Shelf for Scrap Lumber – DIY


I just added a quick shelf to hold scrap building materials above the wood pile. I used 3 inch screws to attach a 2×6 board to the fence, then added 5 support arms made out of 2x4s and supported by triangular pieces cut with the miter saw. We just added a bunch of new firewood that our neighbor, Dane, finished splitting this week.


The second photo shows the back of our lot with the wood pile, worm composted bins, and the nesting box of the chicken coop. Have a safe weekend. Thanks for reading. -Robby

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1 Response to Build a Shelf for Scrap Lumber – DIY

  1. Ron Marcus says:

    I reclaimed all the wood from a 1905 farm house, 8 rooms. If it was wood, I took it all. Heart Pine floors, trim, doors, and Oak stair case, with end post that was 80 Ib. All steps where Oak 1 inch thick. And most of the Oak floor studs and ceiling. Some 20′ feet long and 2×6 rough cut lumber, larger than store bought. Got sore muscles that I’ve never felt before, just my wife and I.
    Now it is time to turn in to tables and what ever I see on your web page. THANKS
    for all your Idea’s. And the owner was going to burn or bury it all that great wood.


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