About Us

We’re Christy and Robby from Atlanta, GA. In 2009, we got married and bought a really old house, not exactly in that order. Since then, we have gone completely out of our minds, crazy even, working to make our little house a home. When we first purchased our home, we knew very little about the structure, maintenance, and improvement of houses. We knew even less about the incredibly diverse methods used by workmen over the last 100 years to modify and improve our house. Those many improvements have been very interesting to overcome and interpret as we’ve added our own touches to the structure and contents of our little bungalow.

If you’re here, we assume you have at least a fleeting interest in old homes, home maintenance, or people named Robby and Christy. Whatever your interest with the site, we hope that you find what you’re looking for. Please contact us at oldhousecrazy@gmail.com with any questions you’d like to see answered, problems you’ve got with the site, or general praise of our awesome.


2 Responses to About Us

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  2. marjaosh says:

    Great blog, nice to meet you.

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