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A Note to Husbands: Deep Clean Your Marital Bathroom At Least Once

This note is for men. Married men in particular. Chances are that your wife cleans the bathroom more often than you. (Now, ladies, don’t get mad. I’m not suggesting that women should be the ones to scrub the tiles because … Continue reading

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Our Flock has Fully Matured

Today, we collected six eggs from our six hens for the first time. Now we can confirm that all six birds are laying. They were hatched on February 13th, so that makes the flock 22.5 weeks old. That last lady … Continue reading

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Closet Organization, Accessory Edition | DIY | Basics for Beginners

After four years and counting of life under the same roof and clothes in the same closet, I feel like we’re reaching a tipping point in our closet’s ability to contain all of our clothes, shoes, & accessories in an … Continue reading

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