Doing It Yourself (Slideshow)

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If you’ve read any of our posts, you know that we love to try new projects and generally do the work on our home ourselves. We’re writing this blog and including the photos both for our own memories (we never got into scrap booking) and to show you all (y’all) that normal people can do a lot more than they think.

Generally speaking, most of the components of a home just aren’t that complicated. Most repair jobs simply require a little knowledge and a few tools, along with the confidence that you can always hire a professional to fix what you broke.

We are NOT professionals, at least not at home repair. Robby is a high school Physics teacher and Christy is a Certified Microbiologist. This started out because we’re a couple of nerds with a desire to save money. Our posts show you what we did when we tackled various home improvement and repair jobs around our 1922 Craftsman bungalow in Atlanta. They are by no means a complete instruction guide to completing any of the jobs you see us doing, nor are they an invitation to cut holes in your roof or knock holes in your walls. In fact, what you don’t see in the photos is a lot of figuring, some foul language, and a good bit of time spent doubting.

Our primary goal in sharing our experiences is to show normal people that other normal people did stuff that is shrowded in mystery. From the conversations we’ve had with other homeowners, the only thing people lack is the knowledge of how stuff works. We’ve gathered most of our knowledge from books, other blogs, and from talking to nice people like you. For instance, the next time your garbage disposal acts up, push the little red button on the bottom to reset it. Yeah, we didn’t know about that button either until we chatted up some folks at a party.

Our hope is to share some of our knowledge with you and to empower normal folks to save some money and build up confidence in their own skills. There’s nothing like the feeling of fixing something in your own home. It beats the crap out of the feeling you get when you pay someone else a lot of money.

Happy reading.

2 Responses to Doing It Yourself (Slideshow)

  1. Catherine Vaccaro says:

    where do i get reclaimed wood

    • The Bennetts says:

      We got ours from my uncle. There are vendors in most larger cities that go out, demolish old house, and re-sell the wood and fixtures. Try a Google search for “reclaimed wood (your city)” and I’m sure you’ll find something.

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