Projects and Woodworking

Restore an Old Stereo Console

Old House Crazy - DIY - Restore an Old Stereo Console - 24

Reclaimed Heart Pine Farmhouse Table:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Antique Ladder Pot Rack

Old House Crazy - Ladder Pot Rack 01

Antique Ladder Corner Shelf

Old House Crazy - Antique Ladder Book Shelf - 14

Chalkboard Freezer Menu

Old House Crazy - DIY - Organizing - Make a Chalkboard Menu for Your Freezer - 13

Reclaimed Heart Pine Shelf

Heart Pine Wine Glass Rack

Corner Mount Your TV on the Wall for Less than $50

Old House Crazy - DIY - Corner Mount Your Flat Panel TV Without 300 Bucks - 07

Heart Pine Photo Shelves

Custom Wood Insignia

Install a Vent for a 95% Efficient Furnace

Old House Crazy - DIY - Install a Vent Flue for a Condensing Gas Furnace - 95% Efficient - 11

Lifting Up a Sagging Floor

Old House Crazy - Lifting Up a Sagging Floor - DIY - 11



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