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Rollin’ with our Gnomies

… or, gardening with them. We’ve long had a spot in our hearts for these pensive little yard companions. Seamus, the fellow to the right, joined Robby’s collection in college as a bottle cap catcher on the bar. The other … Continue reading

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Take Down your Gutter Downspouts and Replace them with Rain Chains and Barrels – DIY

Gutters are ugly. There’s nothing else to be said on that topic. You should all remove your gutter downspouts and replace them with rain chains, which are not ugly. They also help the environment. See, when water falls ten feet … Continue reading

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Setting up a Worm Composter Bin – DIY

Last summer, Christy and I began to compost our kitchen waste using a worm bin. Since then, we’ve had a lot of people tell us that’s disgusting. Disgusting or not, it’s a super cheap way for us to both reduce … Continue reading

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