Old House Crazy

We own a house. It is really old. It needs work. Constantly. We’ve found that we like to do that work ourselves. When we bought the place three years ago, we didn’t know anything about old houses. Or new houses for that matter. In the time since we signed the papers, we’ve built fences, grown grass, landscaped, remodeled bathrooms, refinished floors, installed toilets and sinks, and decorated the place mostly to our liking. During the ongoing process of making the place ours and updating it, we’ve fallen competeley in love with the old house. We’ve also gone a little off the deep end, spending money to fix something old when you can buy something new for less money. Through this blog, we hope to share with you our experiences of home ownership and our love of old houses. With any luck, you’ll understand why old houses are so awesome and why we’re crazy for them. Keep checking out the blog for posts about our updates, easy fixes we’ve figured out how to do, and insights into our homeownership wisdom (we’re not that smart).

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2 Responses to Old House Crazy

  1. Gail says:

    I love the pictures and the comments. Your Uncle Bob will be so proud of what you have written when I show him this blog.

  2. Gail says:

    I can’t wait to see your shelf with my own eyes. The pictures show a beautiful shelf unit that reminds me of the items my daddy made. Anxiously waiting to see what you do with the wine rack and – even more so – the table.

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