Labels for the Garden – DIY


As summer plants are dying off and we are [wishfully] preparing the garden beds for fall, I realized that a few low-profile labels for the plants would be helpful this year. Some of the herbs, especially the mint, die back in the cold months, and the labels should help me hold their place in the bed for spring without accidentally planting something over them.


I was able to make three labels in about two minutes using things I already had laying around the house: metal drycleaning hangers, wine corks, and a sharpie.


Step 1, using a sharpie, write the name of a plant on the cork in large, clear letters. Step 2,  use a pair of wire cutters to cut a 12″-18″ section of the wire from your hanger, depending on how tall you want the label to be. Step 3, jam one end of the metal securely into the cork, and stick the other end into the ground next to your plant. I found that plastic corks worked better than real corks when it came to sticking the metal through.


With the corks made of plastic, I expect these to stand up to the elements for several years. If anything, the sharpie could fade a little bit, but that is easily remedied. The real cork, on the other hand, looks like it has a pretty low life expectancy, especially in our extreme GA weather. I’m going to let it stay where it is to see how long it will last.


These labels are also helpful for remembering to water something you’ve just planted, like my garlic here.

Thanks for reading! -Christy

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1 Response to Labels for the Garden – DIY

  1. such a cute easy idea…im on it right now for my indoor garden. I may slice the corks so they are skinny circles and put one letter on each circle…oh the ideas are flowing!!!

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