Drainage Practice Run – Dry Fit Success


So this little monsoon just came through, soaking the already saturated earth and testing out my new drainage system, installed yesterday. I dug all the trenches, connected the pipes, and waited for a really crazy storm to test it out before cementing the pipes together for good. With PVC, once it’s together, it’s never coming apart. I feel it’s always a good idea to do a dry fit before applying the bonding chemicals to $150 worth of pipes and connectors.


You can see here where the new pipe bends around a staircase. It’s the lowpoint on that part of the house and it’s where water was getting into the basement. You may just see a puddle full of dirty water, but I see that the runoff is pooling exactly where i’d hoped. Once I fill in the trench and grade the dirt, all of that runoff should go into the two drains you see in the photo. Dryfit success. No water in the basement!!

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