So. . The House isn’t Always Level


We started rearranging the office this morning and found that the far side of the room is all wonky. We actually already knew this: We found major (old and inactive) termite damage in the front of the house while scraping paint a few years ago. The sill plate was so badly damaged, the weight of the house crushed the plate and it dropped a full five inches. We had a crew do full repairs but opted not to jack the house back up for fear of damaging the walls and roof that had settled. Upon moving the desk this morning, we have our first furniture placement that makes the slant noticeable.

Here’s to shims:


Happy Sunday. Stay warm out there during this crazy cold snap.

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1 Response to So. . The House isn’t Always Level

  1. littlecanes says:

    We have a similar issue with our house built in 1927. Our second floor cantileavers over the front porch. Over years one of the front corner pillars settled or sunk (I think due to a previous owners’ poor grasp of gutter drainage) -OR- the joists that stick out over the porch just got old and started bending. We use shims for our furniture in that corner. It’s about an inch drop. Old wood is strong, but I still freak out over it.

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