A Note to Husbands: Deep Clean Your Marital Bathroom At Least Once


This note is for men. Married men in particular. Chances are that your wife cleans the bathroom more often than you. (Now, ladies, don’t get mad. I’m not suggesting that women should be the ones to scrub the tiles because that’s their gender role. If your house is like ours, the lady of the house simply gets tired of the gross toilet and tiles before the man.) That said, I honestly believe every husband should get out the rubber gloves and harsh chemicals, get on all fours, and scrub those tiles, at least once. Get that fuzzy gunk off of the back of the toilet right where it meets the floor. Clean that nasty residue off of wherever it is. Scrub the shower until it sparkles. There are several reasons that I think every husband should do this. First, it’ll make your wife super happy, especially if you do this spontaneously (don’t make her ask you). Secondly, it’ll help you remember where all of the cleaning supplies are stored, in case of emergencies. Thirdly, and probably most importantly, it’ll make you a better husband. Trust me, if you’ve scrubbed that yellow residue from the underside of a toilet seat, you’ll be more careful about using the toilet. It’s gross, seriously. Lastly, you can always get a little satisfaction from knowing that you cleaned it better than her (but don’t say this out loud. It’s not actually true, plus she’ll make you clean the bathroom every time. Do a good job, but don’t get carried away. Now go build something, like a man)

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1 Response to A Note to Husbands: Deep Clean Your Marital Bathroom At Least Once

  1. Julie says:

    The magic words every lady longs to hear, “Oh no, let ME do that.”

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