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Cleaning Leaves Out of the Gutters – You’ve Gotta Do It

Today was my semi-annual day to climb up the big ladder and, while trying not to wet myself, blow all of the junk out of the gutters. We’ve got two huge old Water Oak trees on the corners of our … Continue reading

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A Note to Husbands: Deep Clean Your Marital Bathroom At Least Once

This note is for men. Married men in particular. Chances are that your wife cleans the bathroom more often than you. (Now, ladies, don’t get mad. I’m not suggesting that women should be the ones to scrub the tiles because … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Change Your Air Filters Once Per Season

I had forgotten to change our HVAC air filter for way too many months, so this is what ours looked like when I pulled it out today. We had been having problems with our heater during the last month or … Continue reading

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