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Cleaning Leaves Out of the Gutters – You’ve Gotta Do It

Today was my semi-annual day to climb up the big ladder and, while trying not to wet myself, blow all of the junk out of the gutters. We’ve got two huge old Water Oak trees on the corners of our … Continue reading

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Fixing a Leaking Gutter – DIY

Two summers ago, when I had just started scraping and painting the exterior of our home, I put up cedar shingles in the back to match the ones the previous owner had put up in the front. That’s a really … Continue reading

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Cutting a Hole in Your Roof – Installing a Vent Pipe – DIY

Holy Toledo! This is a scary job for a DIYer. Think about it. You’re cutting a hole in the only thing that is protecting your home from an endless stream of the most devastating force nature has to throw at … Continue reading

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